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Scoliosis Workouts

Welcome to Scoliosis Workouts


Helping those with Scoliosis stay strong and fit, treating muscle imbalances for bodybuilding with Scoliosis and how to treat an array of postural problems that arise from this condition.


If you are experiencing tight neck muscles, uneven trapezius development,  visibile muscle imbalances, non-aligned knees or hips, it is likely you might have a length length discrepancy and functional scoliosis as a result.

There is a lack of information available on the internet with regards to bodybuilding, weight lifting and general exercise for individuals suffering from functional scoliosis. With the help of some personal trainers, boxers and physicians, Scoliosisworkouts.com aims to bring you the most informative guides in order to help you train safely and efficiently.

It is really our belief that functional scoliosis due to leg length discrepancies should not affect our ability to become strong and fit. Getting to the stage where your ideal physique will take time, effort and discipline. Above all you need to stay motivated and this is what we are here for. With Scoliosisworkouts.com you are never alone in your quest for a fit, strong body.

You will find an array of interesting and helpful facts, guides and workouts aimed at those individuals who go to the gym to lift weights but suffer from functional scoliosis. 

Topics include:

What Scoliosis is and how to remedy it


Ultimate Body Conditioning

Scoliosis Bodybuilding Routine

Strength Training


Use the menu at the top of the website in order to find all the different categories and content available. This website is part of an ever expanding project designed to address the shortage and lack of information available with regards to bodybuilding and scoliosis. Visitors are encouraged to share their thoughts, comment and share their knowledge and experiences of functional scoliosis, we would all love to hear from others facing the same challenges!

For more information on what functional scoliosis is, the symptoms associated with it and how to treat functional scoliosis with a strength training or bodybuilding program, have a look at the different sections of the website.

Listen to those who have proven experience in treating scoliosis while at the same time building their body to be strong and fit.

Don't let a leg length discrepancy or functional scoliosis stop you from looking and feeling how you want! 


Be less like this 


 And more like this!





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